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To add a contact, click My Profile after logging in and choose “Add Contact”.

After you have added your contact, they will follow these steps for setting their password:  Go to the site, click log in, enter your email address and use the “Forgot Password” link.  This will generate an email from edufo@eclipseuser.com containing a link to set the password.  This email is very often getting hung up in the junk folder or the server-wide spam filter, so check those two places if you do not see it.

Click here for the UFO Privacy Policy.

To view the training videos, you need to be logged into the site.  Once logged in, you can see the latest videos on the Training page along with the upcoming online training sessions.  To view all of the training videos on the site, go to the Videos page.  To find a video by keyword, use the well-known Ctrl-F search feature within your browser.

All Web classes or Webinars begin at 2pm Eastern Time which is 1pm Central, Noon Mountain, 11am Pacific. On-site classes begin with a continental breakfast at 7:30am local location time.

The UFO produces training videos for the use of its members. We are always looking for good topics for these videos. Please send your topic suggestion with a brief outline of what you would like to see made into a training video to Mary Barlow by email at edufo@eclipseuser.com.

If you have a topic or work area you feel others would likely be interested in attending classes on during a on-site full day session, please send them to Mary Barlow at edufo@eclipseuser.com. If you have any details, indicate what you would like to see presented. If you wish to volunteer to present this class please let us know in the email.

Simply send an email to Mary Barlow at edufo@eclipseuser.com stating you’re interested in becoming a presenter or moderator with details about what you would like to present. Please include a brief paragraph about yourself and your area of expertise. Once the class has been approved it will be given a scheduled date for presentation. You will be given the dates by which your outline and other presentation documents must be submitted.

We post the title of the classes on the website so you will be able to see the entire training schedule for the year . We try to have the detail training class information posted at least 30 days prior to the event.

The Eclipse Users Group offers several different training classes, most are web-based but are taught by different types of instructors. The Web Classes are presented by a consultant on a specific topic for two hours of training with a registration fee of $100 per connection. Round-table webinars are presented by Eclipse Users on a specific topic, are taught over the web and are typically between ninety and 120 minutes in duration (depending on participation and questions).  There is no cost for these classes as they are a benefit of membership. Vendor Partner webinars are presented by a vendor representative for one hour and are also free to the membership.

We also have on-site full day training classes. We schedule these classes with related topics over two consecutive days (i.e. Purchasing Workshop and Inventory Control Workshop). These classes are held at member volunteer sites which helps to keep costs low. These classes are presented by a consultant and have a registration fee of $99 per attendee.  This fee pays for the food, beverages and documentation.

As many as you would like. Please make sure you enter their email address if you wish them to receive automatic email from their bulletin board subscriptions. We will never give out your email address to anyone else.

No, we are an unincorporated business organization which is completely separate from Epicor Eclipse. However, it is our mission to work with Epicor to “Help guide future development of the Eclipse product” and we “Provide a forum for constructive customer feedback to Eclipse”. We are the Eclipse Users Group no matter the name of the parent company of Eclipse.

When the group was organized back in 1993, Walter Hyman, the founder, felt that since Eclipse was a celestial term, that the acronym UFO (which stands for User Friendly Organization) would be appropriate.

If your company is not yet a member of the Eclipse Users Group/UFO and you are a contracted user of Epicor Eclipse, you may login to the UFO web page for a 30 day trial period. This guest login will not allow you to post threads to the bulletin boards or to register for classes. Click the Join the Eclipse Users Group link on the top of the page and complete the information form as thoroughly as possible. The Delegate and Alternate are the main contacts for your company. At the bottom of the form are the option buttons to join and generate an invoice for your company OR to become a guest for 30 days. The Terms and Conditions are simply indicate that you must be a signed (contracted) user of the Epicor Eclipse software; check that you understand those conditions. Enter the Captcha code and click signup. The Executive Directors office will receive notification that the form has been completed. The information entered will be verified with our records or Eclipse’s records. Once confirmed you will receive and email with a login for the site.

We are always looking for volunteers not only for the Board and Committees as well as class instructors, round-table facilitators and forum moderators. Simply send an email stating your interest, and in what area you would like to volunteer, with a brief paragraph about yourself–including your work area–to Mary Barlow at edufo@eclipseuser.com. Mary will see that it gets forwarded to the appropriate person. We thank you for volunteering and helping to make this organization better and better.

For several reasons.  First, when you subscribe to a forum topic, the system sends you an automatic email.  Additionally, when someone updates the forum or thread you are subscribed to, this keeps you updated on something you are interested in. Also, when you register for a class on the UFO web page, the system sends you a confirmation email letting you know that you have registered. Next, if you have registered for classes, we send you an email with all types of information; web class handouts, details for an onsite training, etc.  Finally, we send emails containing upcoming training opportunities as well as UFO Newsletters to all of our member company contacts.  Without a correct email address, you will miss out on all of this important information.

If you are the Delegate, Alternate or have Admin authorization for your company on the Eclipse Users Group website you can add, edit, or delete company contacts . After you have logged into the webpage click the My Profile link on the top of the page. In the left menu bar is the Company Contacts button. Click that link and the screen displays all of the contacts for your company.  Next to each name is an option to Edit or Deactivate.  Click the Add Contact link to add a new contact.

When you check this button on a company contact it gives them superuser authorizations for your company on the site. They will be able to add, edit or delete contacts and update the company’s information. Contacts designated as Delegate or Alternate automatically have superuser authorizations but additionally are the contacts for the Eclipse Users Group for voting in elections and on By-law amendments.

The Enhancement Committee receives suggestions from the membership through the Ideas site. These suggestions are entered by member company users after placing them on the Bulletin Boards for comment and response from other users. This steps is important because there may be a way to do what is being suggested already but the person posting the thread just doesn’t know how. If the responses from others are saying that would be a great enhancement and there is no viable workaround the originator of the thread would then enter it as an Enhancement Suggestion on the Ideas site. The enhancement Committee Leads and committee members review their assigned Ideas Communities regularly adding comments and voting just as the other members do, with a little extra power. They will make comments on posts that really aren’t true enhancement requests or comments asking for more information on an Idea. The Enhancement leads meet with Eclipse monthly on a conference call to discuss the to the highest vote count Ideas. They also meet once a year face to face with Eclipse to discuss the process and commitment for Eclipse Users Group enhancements as it relates to the product.

We are trying to remove the word Guest so there will be no confusion. Users should not be trying to login through the bulletin boards directly, because the single sign-on is in place to ensure that only valid logins can come from the Eclipse Users Group web site.

There are many ways to discuss issues with other users:

Bulletin Boards – The Bulletin Board forums relate to specific areas of the Eclipse, Advanced Technologies/Companions or E-Commerce on which you can post questions and receive answers from other members. There are also bulletin boards for Training and Peer to Peer question. There is even a Market Place for equipment you want to sell. These Boards are extremely active and searchable.

Encounter Conferences – The UFO sponsors an annual conference for UFO Member companies.  This conference unique from the annual Epicor conference in that it is only attended by Eclipse user companies.

We have an On-site Host requirement document which we will send to you on request. All you have to do is send a short email stating your interest to either edufo@eclipseuser.com or suzanne@eclipseuser.com. One requirement you need to know up front is that we need a room which will hold approximately 30 individuals classroom style.

The Eclipse UFO Ideas site is a third party software used by Activant to maintain information on Enhancement requests to the product and general point release projects. We have a page just for Eclise Users Group interaction on member suggested Ideas/Enhancements. There are Communities which contain Ideas from members. Members can add their comments and vote on these enhancement suggestions. The Enhancement Commitee monitors and maintains the communities. Members move/copy Enhancement Ideas from the Bulletin Boards, after they have confirmed that others may be interested through their posts. Moving the enhancement idea give not only the membership access but Eclipse product developers as well. The Ideas site will show you when an Idea has been chosen for inclusion in a point release and you can follow it through to when it is distributed to the users.