Hitchhiker's Guide to Universe

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Time Classification Location
2:00PM EST @ 06.03.2021
1:00PM CST @ 06.03.2021
12:00PM MTN @ 06.03.2021
11:00AM PST @ 06.03.2021
Web-based Webinar



This is an Encounter conference class being offered to our membership at no charge due to the cancellation of Encounter 2020.

Have you ever wondered how the Eclipse data is stored? If you think Universe is the cosmos around you, or the data dictionary is a nerdy book of computer terminology, then this class may be for you! We will touch on the basics of how a data file in Eclipse is organized and how you can see what is in that file. This class is designed to be an introductory class before you would take a beginners class on Report Writing or TCL. If you already understand the basics of the Eclipse Data Dictionary and Report Writer, then you have already passed this class!