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SPARXiQ delivers analytics, software, and training to help companies get the most out of both their data and people.

SPARXiQ provides ERP-integrated price optimization solutions that enable companies to quickly and easily improve margins and profitability. With the launch of an entry-level pricing solution, Switch™, clients can get results more quickly than ever using integrated modules for leading electrical industry ERP systems.

Since our inception in 1993, SPARXiQ (formerly SPA/SPASIGMA) has generated billions of dollars of profitable growth for hundreds of organizations, including twenty-five Fortune 500 companies.

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SPARXiQ partners with Epicor to provide powerful integrated price optimization solutions for distributors who use the Eclipse ERP system. Intelligent price analytics deliver significant results by strategically pricing individual products as well as customers.

Over the past decade, hundreds of distributors have taken advantage of this integrated solution to significantly improve margins and bottom-line profitability. Thanks to the native integration into Eclipse, data transfers are simple and minimal configuration is required.

Epicor and SPARXiQ offer two primary levels of service to fit distributors’ needs. As an entry-level offering, the Strategic Costing Module paired with Switch™ provides impressive results quickly, with minimal effort required, by simply pricing individual SKUs strategically. For companies looking to maximize their results, upgrading to the Strategic Pricing Module with PriceGPS™ delivers even more significant results by incorporating customer segmentation into the pricing models.

By integrating price optimization analytics into your Eclipse ERP system, you can quickly and easily add significant gains to your bottom line. Learn more about Switch™ and PriceGPS™. Your price optimization journey is just a few clicks away.

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