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Kore specializes in providing enterprise application integration, SQL data warehousing and business intelligence solutions for Eclipse with our flagship product Kourier Integrator. We also provide integrated eCommerce storefront, portal and eBusiness solutions for Eclipse with our KommerceServer eCommerce Suite. Since 1999, Kore has worked with manufacturing, distribution, higher education, healthcare and government organizations. By leveraging our extensive experience with enterprise applications and database systems we are able to develop solutions for our Clients that streamline business operations, reduce costs and provide a high return on their investment. For more information visit www.koretech.com or call 866-763-KORE.

Enterprise Integration and Data Warehousing

Kourier Kourier Integrator plus the Eclipse Operational Data Store (ODS) provides a turnkey solution for building and maintaining a Microsoft SQL Server data warehouse from the Epicor Eclipse UniVerse database (and other disparate databases) in near real time. Kourier Integrator can also be used to integrate Eclipse with other best-in-class applications and databases—in real-time or asynchronously. Use our Eclipse REST APIs or build your own custom RESTful Web Services for inbound our outbound real-time integration or use Kourier’s Net Change technology and message queue for near real-time integration. Please visit the Kourier Integrator product page for more information.

eCommerce StoreFront and Portal

KommerceServer eCommerce Suite includes responsive, mobile-ready B2B/B2C webStoreFront and webPortal solutions that are integrated with Eclipse. These solutions are cost-effective, feature-rich and customizable. The suite includes powerful site administration, a content management system (CMS) and product information management (PIM) capabilities. Kore also develops integrated eBusiness (e.g., webSalesForce, webServiceCenter). KommerceService is built upon the Micorsoft SQL Server database using an advanced Microsoft .NET eCommerce framework for scalability and security. Please visit the KommerceServer product page for more information.

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