Prokeep is a user-friendly text messaging solution made exclusively for distributors. Prokeep lets your counter staff send and receive text messages all in one place, directly from your landline number.

Prokeep is an easy-to-use, ever-improving messaging platform built exclusively for – and by – distributors, and supported by a team focused on our customers’ success. Prokeep helps you streamline your customer communications in a way that keeps your customer relationships - and your business - growing.

Contractors want to text their distributors, and with Prokeep they can text the number they already know and trust.

Send and receive images of parts, pictures of orders, delivery confirmations, invoices, quotes, technical documents, screen shots, and internal messages all in one place.

No more he said she said. Keep all of messaging in one place for maximum organization and accountability.

See how Prokeep can transform your landline into mission control — schedule a demo with us.