Application Integration

Prokeep text-enables your location's phone number, allowing contractors to text orders, pictures, and questions to the same number they call today. Your team can reply from their counter computers, from home, and on the go.

Prokeep is the only multi-channel messaging platform built for distributors, by distributors and has a product roadmap built on feedback and requests they proactively seek from the over 1,000 distributors who use and trust Prokeep to serve their customers.

At the heart of our heritage and the core of Prokeep's platform is Branch Texting - the first, foundational step to allowing your customers to connect with you in the way that works for them. Given most contractors already text their friends and family, Branch Texting allows you to offer your customers a modern convenience that's familiar to them. Beyond text-enabling your branch's main phone line, Prokeep also offers advantages in team communication, website conversion, one-to-many text messaging, and APIs designed to increase the power of all of your systems.


Efficiency - serve more customers in less time

Say goodbye to complaints about long hold times! Service customers faster than traditional one-off phone calls allow while maintaining a personal touch.

Convenience - share info quickly via pics and PDF's

Send pictures and files directly from your computer to your customers phones so they can get the accurate info they need where, and when, they need it.

Accountability - Keep track of all info ever exchanged

No more he-said, she-said your customer conversation history is captured verbatim and lives on forever, allowing you to readily see and reconfirm the facts.

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