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Forecast, Position And Price Inventory Smarter.
Blue Ridge’s cloud-native supply chain solutions combine intelligent science with robust automation + price optimization, empowering distributors to react to complex change with untapped precision and efficiency.

Distributors use Blue Ridge to proactively understand the financial impact of each purchasing decision before they make it – bringing more certainty, more speed and more assurance to the value chain.

Blue Ridge was purpose built for distributors to precisely predict demand for all types of inventory – slow, intermittent, fast, seasonal, lumpy – and free up cash by dynamically and uniquely setting the right stock levels for every item in every location.

Distributors use Blue Ridge to proactively optimize every purchasing decision before they make it – bringing more certainty, more speed and more assurance to the supply chain.

With Blue Ridge buyers and planners finally have a way to stop chasing demand and start profiting from it. Blue Ridge makes it easy to place service goal driven AND economically optimized vendor orders. This frees up hours of time each day and week to allow buyers and planners to get out of the weeds and become strategic investors of one the distributor’s biggest assets: inventory.

With our pre-built, Epicor Eclipse Integration, Blue Ridge is easy to implement, and full ROI is typically realized within 6 months or sooner. Our unique LifeLine support team works proactively and directly with your buyers to ensure service level attainment, overstock and inventory reduction, turns improvement, overall inventory health and profitability.

Distributors can extend the benefits of inventory optimization and improve sales and margins by millions by ensuring inventory is priced correctly. Blue Ridge Pricing Optimization module enables distributors to understand customer sensitivity to pricing on different items, which items are over or underpriced, simulate the effects of pricing adjustments and easily execute price changes that will maximize revenue and profit.

Blue Ridge